Welcome to the NERAASA 2016 home page

“Celebrate Our Silver Anniversary in the Golden West”

Thank You!!!

The Chair of NERAASA 2016 would like to thank every member of the organizing committee along with all the multitude of Western Mass Area 31 committee volunteers who helped put on this exciting and successful AA service assembly.

On behalf of the committee and all of Area 31, we want to express our gratitude for the willingness and excellent work of the over 70 participants: Moderators, Reader/timers, Presenters, Roundtable Moderators & Recorders. And then there are the Spanish & ASL interpreters, our recording and audio/visual master Barefoot Bill, Area 31’s Intergroup and its volunteers responsible for making literature available and the staffs of both the Sheraton and Marriott who were there to help us every step along the way.

We’d be remiss if we left out our appreciation for the hard work during the weekend of our NERT and Saturday night speaker, Rich P.. And we were also very pleased to welcome our Sunday morning special guest the new GSO Manager Greg T.

We especially appreciate the approximately 1000 members who attended from all over the Northeast Region and our guests from Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Canada.

We’ll see you all again at NERAASA 2017 at the Framingham Sheraton in Area 30, Eastern Mass, February 24-26.